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5 simple mistakes to avoid when borrowing money from private lenders


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Remember the don’ts before approaching a private lender 

Whenever you are going to a private lender for your financial needs, it is important to finish your homework. Your homework may include thorough research about the lender and the market options.

Some lenders may offer you good quality services while others may not. Not every lender is the same. You have to analyze and understand each of the lenders that you encounter.

Always try to find reputed lenders that offer you profitable rates. Primarily, people do not succeed to get along because of their poor research. If you wish to borrow money, your lender should understand your needs.

For this, you should be able to make your lender understand your financial conditions. Every private lender is focused on satisfying their borrower.

Hence, if you keep your conditions in front of the lender, they may consider it and help you finish your financial worries.

You may require a personal loan for any reason. Many people Borrow these loans to facilitate their day-to-day is pending. Some other people avail of these loans to address their bills and liabilities.

Meet the private lender and get a good deal

Most of the people commit common mistakes while going to any private lender. This is irrespective of the online or offline mode.

Once you have obtained these loans, you cannot return them just like that. Interest rates are applied on these loans that you must repay on time.

Try to avoid the basic financial mistakes if you want to be a sensible borrower. Be clear and then go for private lenders online. 

Common mistakes while going to a private lender

Bean aware borrower, and do not walk on the path of these common financial mistakes.

1. Not checking the credentials of the lender 

Whenever you are going to a lender, always check its credentials. Check whether the lender has the appropriate license or not.

There should be accredited and should have the authority to lend money. Sometimes if you require a huge amount of money, you may ignore these things while interacting with the lender. Never commit this mistake.

Respective of your borrowing amount, always check with the basic check points of a lender. Go to a reliable and reputed lender and sort out your financial worries.

2. Not getting referrals 

Going to a private lender is always easy. You just have to find out the name and go to them. But it is better to ask for referrals. Many borrowers do not ask for referrals and visit new lenders.

They may be good and bad both. But with reference, you usually land up with reliable lenders. Ask your family and close ones about different lenders that they know.

Make a comparison between these lenders and then go for it. You can ask for references and cross-verify them too.

3. Not reading the contract properly 

Before borrowing any loan, always check the fine print. Do not just sign the contract relying on the lender. If you trust the lender, still do not make the signature blind. Always check the content of your contract.

There can be certain unexpected or hidden fees or costs on your loan. For example, some lenders put on penalty on your early payments. You may have to go through these unexpected costs if you make an early payment.

These costs are mentioned in the contract. But usually, borrowers avoid this clause as there is a rush to get the loan amount.

Before signing any contract, always have a look and cross-verify each point with the lender.

4. No negotiation 

While going to a lender, keep the clause of negotiation in mind. The lender may add hefty fees and costs to your loan. Do not agree with it. Always have the skill to negotiate with your lender.

The more you negotiate the lower interest you may land up with. This can lead to a reasonable offer for your loan. Many lenders do not accept this negotiation.

But there is no harm in trying. You can always try and give logical reasons to your lender. In many cases, lenders usually listen to the borrower. Do not leave a chance to persuade your lender of your work.

5. Not Getting Pre-Approved  

Before you go for anything, always get the loan amount pre-approved from your lender. If you buy a property, get it pre-approved. Sometimes the lender may not approve of what you are buying.

This happens to post that your loan process is over. This leads to a loss for you and the lender as well. Hence, always check with the things first and get them pre-approved.

This can happen only if the lender is reliable and reputed. It is a fine way to compare the interest rates between the lenders too.

6. Going for the wrong loan term 

Do not miss calculating the loan term that you are looking for. Many times, borrowers must calculate these terms and then avail of the loans. For instance, do not extend the term if you need a loan amount that you can repay in years.

Do not go for a five-year or 10-year plan. Try to finish off your loan as soon as possible. If you choose a longer term, you are getting into a debt cycle.

Try to have feasible monthly payments and finish your loan on time. This usually happens in the case of property. If you plan to buy a property, do not linger on your loan for a longer term.

7. Not making comparisons 

Not shopping around is one of the worst mistakes committed by a borrower. They just go to one lender and finalize their loan deal. Before this, try to shop around in the market. Check with the best lender available.

You can also check with the reviews and references to land the right lender. Make comparisons in the market and always go for a better-looking deal.

8. Not checking the fees  

If you do not ask for the fees, the lender may charge huge fees for it. Always keep on reminding the lender about the fees. Keep on talking about it. The lender will have no problem putting huge fees. It will create a problem for

Your repayments can become costlier and can make you a defaulter if you are not able to pay them on time. Once you qualify for the loan, be clear with the fee terms with your lender.

9. Not checking the credit score 

Before going to a lender, always check your credit report. Sometimes you’re not aware of what credit score you are holding. You can better judge the lender for your loan needs if you know it. A battery score usually needs to have specialized lenders.

Note very lender caters to bad credit. You can go to any lender and fulfil your loan needs if you have the right credit score.

To qualify for a loan, you always need the perfect credit score. But a bad credit score also does not hinder your loan approval.

You just need to check your credit score before hand and inform the lender. Take a bad credit loans instant decision no brokers. 


Many people avoid these common mistakes and still go out for a lender. If you commit these mistakes, you can never be on good terms with the lender. There would always be some things in your mind that or not conveyed to the lender.

Hence,you may have a hitch in going to the lender every time. Try to avoid these mistakes and make the best use of your loan deal.